Weight Lifting Exercises


To increase the muscle strength of one’s body, there are several techniques being followed, out of which weight lifting is one. It helps in building muscles and accelerates metabolism of the body because the more number of muscles, the more will be the metabolic rate. For muscle building, you will have to do compound exercise involving multiple joint movements such that it concentrates on one group of muscles at a time! This can be achieved by either working with your body weight or lifting weights that are designed to make specific muscles work so that they get built over a period of time.

Weight lifting is a way of increasing the strength and mass of the body by providing resistance to the muscles. It is considered to be the best forms of strength training to help build the size and strength of skeletal muscles which are voluntary muscles adhered to the bones. Weight lifting exercises aim in developing and strengthening these muscles with the help of weight lifting exercise for different groups of muscles like forearms, shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps, quadriceps, abs, hamstring and calves.

Some weight lifting exercises that are very popular include:

Barbell curl – it is the basic exercise for developing biceps. Try increasing the weight gradually and do about 10 reps and not more than that. Moreover, you should do it alternatively with barbells of proportionate growth to gain effective results.

Preacher curl – it works on the muscle by isolating it and exerting stress on the muscle so that it increases in strength and mass. It works on biceps and forearms!

Close grip chin ups – it is a very efficient compound exercise that requires lifting of your body by working on the biceps and core. Strength and stamina can be built in the muscle through this exercise.

Dumbbell tricep extension – this exercise helps the muscle work in isolation and builds big triceps.

Dips – dips can be done with the help of a bench, parallel bars or by the side of your bed. For this exercise, you will have to exert force on your body with maximum tension on the triceps. By doing so, strength, power and mass on the muscles will be increased to a great extent.

Bench press – it is one among the best tricep exercises. It can increase tension by adding extra weight and doing so with the help of barbells and dumbbells, thus working on the development of triceps and chest.

Upright rows – it can be done with barbells and dumbbells. This exercise helps build muscle mass by adding strength to the shoulders.

Overhead press – it can be done with the help of dumbbells and barbells. Immense strength and muscle can be built when this highly effective shoulder exercise is done by maintaining the right positions.

Lateral raises – there are two types of lateral raise which can be performed. Front lateral raise will improve the front deltoids and side lateral raise is for the side deltoids. Also, this exercise should be done with the help of dumbbells.

Bench press for chest – this highly effective exercise will help build the upper body especially the triceps and chest since maximum pressure will be exerted on them. This exercise can be done in many ways and variations using the dumbbells or barbells. Gradually start increasing the weight to gain muscle mass.

Incline dumbbell fly – it is an effective exercise for the chest and you can get a bulging muscular chest gradually. However, posture should be given much importance while doing this exercise.

Pull ups – it is the best exercise for back building. Initially, you may find it difficult; however it builds strength and endurance in the back muscles starting from the core. You can use variations with pull ups or chin ups by palms facing inwards and outwards or even parallel grips.

Rowing – dumbbells and barbells can be used to build overall back muscles through the exercise of rowing. You can do bent over row, machine row or dumbbell row as variations.

Dead lift – this exercise works on the thighs, calves and glutes along with the entire back. It involves a lot of power and builds strength, mass and size in the region.

Crunches – this highly effective exercise can be used for building strength and muscles. It is used while building a 6 pack or the rectus abdominis.

Hanging leg raises – it works on the lower abdomen region and can be done with bent knee raises and strength knee leg raises. It works on the entire core and involves hanging in the air while performing the exercise and builds strength and endurance in the abdominal region.

Twist – fat on the sides should also be burnt to get the perfect body. For this reason, the muscle twist exercises are performed. It is highly efficient in strengthening the core muscles and losing fat from the sides as well as toning the abs and back.

Squats – to make the lower body and the large muscles strong, squats can be used. It works on front thighs, glutes and lower back, and can be done with the help of barbells.

Lunges – this exercise tones the thighs, back, glutes and hips. Dumbbells should be used while doing this exercise and maintaining a right posture is important for better efficiency.

Leg extension – it is an effective exercise that is beneficial for front thighs. By pumping the thighs, this exercise builds strength and mass which is excellent for quadriceps.

Romanian dead lifts – it works on hamstrings, lower back and glutes. This exercise can increase muscle mass and strength in the thighs and hamstrings.

Straight leg dead lifts – This exercise works well on the calves, glutes and hamstring. However, it takes a lot of effort and power to do this exercise since you are supposed to keep your legs straight while doing it.

Lying leg curl –this isolation exercise is great to build muscles and strength in the hamstring. However, if maximum benefits have to be achieved, then it should be done properly.