weights bench and weight bench set. Which one to buy?

If you have spent some time in the gym you will already be familiar with the weight bench (or muscle bench). Like the normal ones to sit down, these have some additional features designed to optimize your training at home. They come in a variety of designs and qualities that vary from brand to brand. In this guide we will help you choose which is the best weight bench for you, where to buy and its main characteristics.

Best weight bench quality-price

In a moment you will see that there are four types of weight benches. Even so, we find it interesting to tell you what we thought was the best quality-price of the internet in case you want something that will last, safe and for the long term. The price is less than € 200 and while it is not the cheapest muscle building bank, it is the one with the best quality at the lowest price. It is the Bowflex SelectTech 5.1 model. It’s the adjustable ones so it’s great for gyms at home.


This adaptable model can handle 6 different positions from an angle of 17 degrees to 90. It is made of steel. Compared to the rest that you will see, you will realize that it holds much more weight even if it is reclining. To mount it you will require some time, but it is easy and fast. But if it does not make you the weight and you want to see more options, let’s see the world of the gym bench in a more general way.

What kind of muscle bench can I buy?

You did not expect there to be more than one guy, right? Well, the fact is that we have four main ones.

Adjustable bench
Flat bench
Olympic Bank
Specialized bank

Adjustable weight bench

These that are adjustable typically have a frame designed with one or two different types of mechanisms to adjust them: pins or pins. The adjustment level range provides you with a wide range of variety to train. They will serve you as much for dumbbells as with bars. While it is not the most recommended for those who can lift hundreds of kilos, are models that can also resist a lot and combine with multi-station machines. Where to buy an adjustable one? Well then this store is where we have seen the best prices.

With these you can recline them or tilt them a lot. So you can stay with a chair-type muscle bench for shoulders, or also decline to touch the lower part of the chest. They are the ones who usually buy the most who want a bench weights to do fitness at home.


Flat bench

This second type is much more direct but it is a very popular option for those who train only strength. If you only want to focus on exercises like flat bench press is the ideal option. It is assumed that your intention is to lift many kg, but also you can also do seated pull exercises and so on. With the fixed position it ensures more stability.

Apart from this a flat muscle bench also has less distance from the ground. This guarantees a lower center of gravity to that declining / tilted bench so you have more security. They are also easier to carry from one place to another.

Olympic Bank (with support)

An Olympic weight bench is a very popular option for both home gyms for both commercial uses for various reasons. The first thing is that they have a small rack. This means that you can support the bar and that you do not have to buy a separate support. Apart from this they also remove the need for people to move it around to adapt it. Something negative would be that some are fixed as to their resting.

These are the most prominent at the best prices we have found. Like the flat bench, the Olympians are very reliable gymnastics that also require almost no maintenance. Other benefits may be the simple fact of being able to leave your Olympic bar supported, and it depends on what you spend also come with storage of discs and weights.

Specialized banks

This category sounds a bit strange, it’s not that they are for specific people, but for particular exercises. So, add extras so you have a bench model with more versatility and you can train more muscle groups. A clear example would be having support to do biceps curl, or a leg area so you can do extensions of quadriceps and legs in general. A muscle bench of this style is perfect for isolation of some muscles.

As you can see in these offers that we have found, the banks of weight with module are very varied. While it is true that they cost a little more than conventional ones, in the event that you are setting up your own gym you will have a lot more variety, and if you are creative even more. For example you can use them for sit-ups and lifting exercises if you stretch completely. Of course there are also specialized with this, but the idea would be not to buy a bank for everything.

Benefits of the gym bench

Before the invention of this accessory, the most common way to train chest was simply by being stretched on the floor. In fact it’s how I trained the first months in my room. But with the bench you have more angle to touch your chest, so you work more completely. Here we have some more benefits.
Focus on different angles of the muscle

Hyperextension in different exercises with weights is surely one of the most difficult parts of a workout. The bank of weights assists you to maintain your straight posture. This reinforces your back and improves the stability of the torso while you train.

A part of this is what we mentioned in the previous paragraph. If you train chest on the floor you can only reach until the elbows touch the ground, but if you are using a bench muscle you can lower them more so that the chest is stretched completely.

Some exercises are difficult to complete in full due to the muscle’s poor flexibility. Sitting instead of standing, allows greater access to these muscles. For example when you are training deltoids with dumbbells doing the pull exercise in which you are half body in the bank. At the time I had bought one of those yoga balls, but to which you put some weight on the dumbbell or bar becomes the most dangerous. Bench weights is better.
Various purposes

Muscle building benches are not just devices for sitting and using weights. You can also give other purposes that make you have a much larger range of exercises. For example step-ups, inclined and declined push-ups, calisthenics, etc. In this case I recommend that once you have bought one of the banks that we recommend you look through our website to see things you can do at home with just a bank.
Great for beginners and advanced alike

Those who are new to weight training and want to find a way to maintain both the posture, technique and breathing the weight bench will be all they need. While you do not want to buy any other muscle machine, the bank is the main one. It seems a lie that just lifting a little more of the sole and you can do much more right?

The good thing is that although it is the base of the pyramid to do fitness at home, if you are intermediate or advanced you will also need some type of bank. Again, you can do things standing or on the ground, but the range of movement will be quite reduced, plus your support and stability will be greatly affected.

What to consider to buy the best weight bench?

Some of these features can be overlooked when you see a design or price that catches your attention. Keep this in mind and we can guarantee that you will make a good purchase. By the way, in all the offers that we have linked to you in this regard we can guarantee that these banks follow these guidelines.
Manufacturing quality

You want to invest in a weight bench that has good construction quality. With this you ensure that you have stability instead of an unstable adjustment mode. Look at those that are made of steel. Also once you enter the product look at the manufacturer’s specifications, to see what weight capacity has to see if it falls in your range. Not only your body weight, but also add what you want to load to exercise.
Bank style

Weights banks can be divided into two general categories, apart from the four that we mentioned above. Those of utility and those that have racks. A model that fall in the first selection is just this, a weight bench without weight support.

Most of these are adjustable or flat. They are accustomed to using only for dumbbell exercises. They are also the ones that cost less since it does not require so much material to make them. A part are not for powerlifters. That is, do not put 200kg in the bar with these if they are not professionals, since your health would be impaired in this case.

On the other hand, those muscle-building benches that have rack (support) are much better for those weightlifters who throw many kilos. These users will usually use more bars than anything else. This gives more stability since the movements are basic or compound, and the supports for the bank offer this type of subjection that is lacking in others. These can be fixed on the ground or separated. The seconds are more versatile and can also be used to use dumbbells, squats or combine it.
Used space

If you compare it with any multistation, you will see that the weight bench needs little space for you to place it and start using it. You can also save it easily in case you want to have more useful space. Some models can be folded to a really small size, so you have more freedom and choice. Now you can imagine that that option that comes with support for the bar takes much more space than those that are useful, and are not as easy to store as one would wish.
Adjustments of banks

If you want to have a more effective training, then consider one of the weight benches that we have listed at the beginning. We recommend those with various adjustment angles. This will allow you to do your flat exercises, tilt or decline to pleasure to touch your muscles in a wider range.

Adjusting it and adding angles, you also have more variety of exercises to challenge you a little more. They are really effective. In addition, while it is true that this gym bench can not stand so much, it can also hold up a lot. Look at the beginning of the article to see one that is the sea of ​​professional and that has a sea price of appetizing.
Upholstery and fabric

The seat cushion also plays an important role. One that is not appropriate can affect not only your comfort, but also your injuries. Make sure that the muscle bench you buy is at least an inch thick so you can do the exercises in a more pleasant way. Another thing that seems silly is to make sure it is stitched with a stitch. It is the best against wear.
Safety in training

As we have mentioned previously, the options with supports offer more security for weight training. This is so for the security they offer. If you want to use basically bars and dumbbells we can tell you that this is a good option, and that it is worth paying the difference. You do not want to make incidents with the bar to raise it in the chest. Believe me, I’ve been stuck once under 70kg and it’s not pleasant.

Regardless of the type of bank that you decide to buy, you will need some type of weights so you can use it. I do not think you want to just lift the bench … As we have said before, buying adjustable dumbbells is ideal for having a gym in the room next door.

On the other hand, that support for bars and their weights need more space. I particularly had a spare room in my grandparents’ house and it was my little private space. But not everyone has the same space, so make sure of this. Also that the diameter of the weights is compatible. I had to buy Olympic disks (50mm) that cost a kidney. But usually with the stores that we have recommended you will be cheaper. In the same way the width of the bar will be important.
Multi-station machine