Top 10 exercises with bosu ball squats

If you want the body you’ve never had, you must do something you’ve never done.We tip you how to exercise with bosu ball squats.  It’s time to change your routine to one in which you only have to use bosu ball squats, this way you can train anywhere. No matter if you are a beginner or have a lot of experience, you can get a full body workout with this unique tool.

Find out what the source of this training tool is and find out what exercises you can do with it and how you can perform them.

What is a bosu ball squats?

BOSU was invented in 1999 by David Weck as a more stable alternative to the traditional ball. BOSU means “both sides are used” and has a platform on one side and a soft rubber hemisphere on the other. You can change the side you are using depending on the exercise you are doing. The BOSU ball adds instability, making it more difficult to maintain balance, which forces the body to use more of the core muscles, so it is said that each exercise is, ultimately, working hard core.

10 exercises you can do with bosu ball squats

1. Push-ups

bosu ball squats

Change the Bosu ball so that the rounded end is facing down and the platform facing up. Place the arms in flexion on the platform, in table form. Extend your feet, about 30 centimeters apart to maintain stability and make exercise easier. Slowly lower your body to the bosu ball squats until you touch it with your chest, then return to the starting position.

2. Side plate

bosu ball squats

Place the bosu ball squats with the flat side to the floor and the forearm on the Bosu ball, extending the legs, so that you put on the side. Activate your center and get up on the bridge / board side. Try to stay that way for about 30 seconds or more to feel the effort.

side plate with BOSU ball

3. One-legged bridge

bosu ball squats

With the flat side down, place one foot on the BOSU with the knee bent. The other leg should point outward at a 45-degree angle, in line with the planted leg. Squeeze your buttocks and push your hips toward the ceiling, hold and then slowly lower.

gluteus bridge to one leg with bosu ball squats

4. Mountain Climbers

bosu ball squats

Place the BOSU with the flat side facing up. Start with the position of arms flexed at the top of the flat platform with hands under the shoulders and feet behind you. Keeping your hands in place, bring one knee to your chest and then bring it back to do the same with the other leg. Alternate this for 30 seconds.

mountain climbers with bosu ball squats

5. Frontal strides

bosu ball squats

Place the Bosu ball with the flat side facing the ground. Stand behind the Bosu ball and place a foot on the ball. Lower the knee that has extended and return to the starting position. Repeat in the other side.

front strides with BOSU ball

6. Dead weight to one leg

bosu ball squats

Place the BOSU with the side of the platform facing down. Stand on it on one leg and bend your knee slightly. Bend your hip and extend the free leg behind you to maintain balance. Lower the upper body until it is parallel to the floor. Then return to the vertical position slowly and with control. Be sure to keep your hips in a stable position without letting them sway to one side.

but Romanian dead to one leg

7. One-leg iron

bosu ball squats

Place the BOSU with the flat platform on the floor, and the forearms on top. Put the lower limbs in table position, lift one leg and hold for about 30 seconds. Do not let your stomach or hips bow.

iron on one leg with ball BOSU

8. Squats on BOSU

bosu ball squats

Place the flat platform up. Carefully stand on the platform on one leg. If you need more stability, you can use a hand on the ground or a partner. When you stand, you will feel instability. Return to the squat position.

squats on BOSU

9. Lateral strides

bosu ball squats

Stand with your feet under your shoulders and the BOSU ball next to you. Then place one foot on the Bosu and another on the ground, parallel to each other. Lower your whole body to the leg that rests on the Bosu, tighten the thighs and return to the starting position.

lateral strides with BOSU

10. Side jumps

bosu ball squats

This is a variation from the previous exercise. Try alternating lateral lunges with a jump. Instead of getting back upright after going down to one side, jump out of the Bosu ball and change your feet into the air, going back to stride, but with the opposite side. Continue alternating sides.

How many sets and repetitions should I do?

The routine is very simple: Make each movement for 45 seconds in a row and then rest for 15 seconds to go to the next step. Try to perform the exercises on both sides, as in the case of side tables and single-legged bridges. Do these exercises for 17 minutes and get a full body workout.