The 13 best inflatable exercise ball

The 13 best inflatable exercise ball can change your Fitness. Although it is likely that it will be difficult for us to maintain our balance, we will soon get used to performing these ball exercises without any additional support. They are known as “fitball” (exercise ball) and cause fury in the academies.

Although initially they were only used for rehabilitation of operated patients or patients with joint problems, little by little they were making their entrance into gyms and pilates classes and functional training.

Even many people have one at home. In this article we tell you what are the best ball exercises to do wherever you


Inflatable exercise ball Routine 1

To be able to lose weight, to have more flexibility or strength, we recommend that you comply with this routine, at least 2 times a week.

If you are afraid to begin with, you can support the ball against a wall or sofa. In time you will dominate it and you will not fear that it will “move” just when you want to get up to it.

You only need one ball and some will to perform the following exercises:

First sit on the ball and then pull your back back to rest on it.
The feet are well supported on the floor, the knees bent at a right angle and the arms stretched, passing the head.
Raise your hips as much as you can.
Repeat 20 times.


Lean on the ball upside down and “crawl” so that your hips and lower abdomen are the only points of contact with her.
The hands lean on the floor and the legs stretch completely.
Then “walk” with your hands, so that feet and shanks are held with the ball.
Bend your shoulders 10 times.


Get on your knees and lie on the ball supporting one side of your torso (your knee should touch the ground).
Raise your torso slightly and stretch your legs.
You can stretch the free arm for more balance.
Do 20 reps on each side.


Stand up and take the ball with both hands (as if embracing it).
Point your feet to the sides and bend your knees.
Bring your thighs down, always keeping your back straight.
The idea is that the thighs “reach” at the knees.

Inflatable exercise ball Routine 2

Once you have completed routine 1 it would be good to increase the difficulty of ball exercises.

By now you have lost your fear and you will have more balance.

Pay attention to the series of movements:
Reverse crunch

Put the ball near something that can serve as a support, like a bar.
Lie back on the ball and stretch your arms to take the bar.
Lift your legs straight and together and when lowering them should not touch the ground.

You can also do this exercise by bringing your knees to your chest.
Oblique crunchTo make the exercise simpler, we recommend that you be near a wall. So you will support the feet and you will have more strength.

Bridge or iron

We also advise you to use a wall for support (at least, until you get used to it).

Place your elbows and forearms on the ball.
Stretch your legs and place your feet on a surface such as the wall.
Lift the torso and buttocks (you will be diagonal to the ground).
Hold for 1 minute.

Ball Exercise Routine 3
In this series, more attention is paid to the legs, shoulders and back. The inflatable exercise ball included in the routine are:
Backward lunges Stand
up and support the instep and right leg cock on the ball.
With the back straight, flex the left knee and bring the right gluteus back. The ball will also move in that direction.
Do 10 times on each side.
Alternate arm-leg extensionLie down on the ball, supporting your abdomen. The head should be in the same line as the back.
Stretch and raise the right leg and at the same time the left arm to keep your balance.
Hold for a few seconds and do the same with your left leg and right arm.
Later flights

You can use dumbbells if you wish.

Face down on the ball supporting the abdomen.
Slightly open your legs and leave your toes flat on the floor.
The arms are flexed in front of the head (with elbows to 90 degrees), together at the height of the chest.
Open them to the sides (elbows point back) and return to the starting position.

Hip abduction

Standing, support the sole of the right foot on the ball and knee flexed. Keep your back straight.
Stretch leg to the side, causing the ball to rotate.
Return to the initial posture.
Do 10 repetitions and change sides.

Back extensions

Support the lower abdomen and pelvis on the ball. Hold your hands at your sides.
The knees and toes should touch the ground.
Stretch your legs and back. Bring your head back.

Seated Compression

Sit on top of the ball with your legs open, your back straight and your knees forward (your toes lean on the floor).
Open and close your legs as if you wanted to blow the ball.