Best running socks you can buy

Runners can not underestimate the importance of our feet at the time of running. They are subject to great wear and impact with every stride. As a runner, you have to take care of your feet if you do not want to have a serious problem. Conscious runners buy specific best running socks, whether it’s uncomfortable pressure points, arch stress, or sweaty feet, there are many problems that the best running socks could solve. Below we leave you a wide selection of the best current socks, features, prices and much more.

We want to make it clear that our intention is not that you buy a sock in particular, we simply try to have an objective view of the products that are in the market today and that according to your criteria and characteristics you choose the one that suits you or like.


List of Some best running socks

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Asics Kayano

best running socks

ASICS, A respected name in sports clothing and footwear. In addition to having a wonderful line of socks for runners called Kayano. This running sock is comfortable without being overly tight. Comes with built-in arch support, anatomically correct left and right stockings and mesh side panels for ventilation. The special “NanoGLIDE” fabric on the toe box and heel box serves to soften surface friction and eliminate moisture.

Kayano Socks have great features for the price you have. Although made for high performance workouts and races, these socks can also be used for more casual outings. Many marathon runners always wear them. Just remember, if you have problems with socks too tight for your size, ask for a larger number for these as they come smaller.


Gore Running Wear

best running socks

Gore socks are the most “low” brand socks. To see more models of medium and high ranges click here.

They are very comfortable socks, no annoying stitching (was expected), or friction, are very soft and as the manufacturer says come with anatomical padding, which allows our foot to go comfortable and not sweat too much, although this already depends of the foot of each and of the footwear that we use.They adapt well to different climatic conditions, optimal for short distances and dry feet.

Great comfort thanks to the light mesh structure, anatomical structure for left and right foot and with ventilation zones along the foot.


best running socks

The company Thorlo has done great research to get a therapeutic sock for runners giving obtaining a very good result for sensitive feet. These socks are padded, so do not expect a very thin sock. What you do have is the right amount of support for the bow.

Thorlo socks are relatively thick without obstructing the flow of air. They keep your feet warm in cold conditions. Its dominant material is the trademark of the trademark “THOR.LON acrylic”, whose fibers promote resilience against moisture. They are made for durability, their special fabric helps them last longer than many of the best running socks.


best running socks

Saucony, a trusted manufacturer with high quality runner clothing, offers well-fitting sock designs that promote comfort and breathability. Sucony socks are relatively affordable premium socks for all pockets made largely of polyester, Saucony running socks provide desirable levels of moisture, arc support and lateral stability. There is buffering, too, a little more than ASICS, for example.

Saucony socks are considered one of the best socks for sweaty feet, and quite elegant, too. If you run a lot, you will find these essential socks.

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Feetures makes solid, affordable sports socks to many of today’s best running socks. When you buy high-performance Feetures, you’ll get fabric panel ventilation for moisture, seamless toe closure, an anatomically correct right and left foot design, heel cushioning and arch support.

Feetures are a good choice for casual runners or those who refuse to pay more than 20 euros for socks. These socks are thin and have a high number of threads. Buy them if you are looking for a good price and breathable comfort.

Smartwooll PhD

best running socks

This company’s commitment to quality has earned many loyal followers in the runner community. If you need a robust sock for the entire racing season that will be held in countless conditions, putting on a Smartwool PhD will be vital.

The Smartwool PhD are a best running socks as we have said, robust, enriched by the versatility of the merino wool temperature, the light durability of the nylon and its breathability. The PhD is reinforced for durability and wrapped in the bow and ankle for stability. These socks retain their shape even after years of use.

best running socks
The Injinji are atypical socks. They have a design that does not go unnoticed. Let’s say they are like gloves but for the feet, the fingers will help you avoid blisters but the material is not top. The individual freedom of each finger means that in long runs you will notice an extra comfort. It may cost you to wear it the first few times, but once you get used to it … sew and sing. If you are looking for some socks to avoid scrapes and blisters these are yours.

Hidden whale

best running socks

It is a plush sock, made by a company that pays attention to the smallest details for the user’s comfort. You will like it if you have ever been bothered by the seams of your toes or the socks that crinkle in the shoe. And they are not as expensive as you might think.

Neither too thick nor too thin, the Beluga Hidden Sock is made with a blend of aerating polyester, deep pockets at the heel and a soft, stretchy “best fit”. Their strategic buffer makes them attractive for runners who need it.

Thirty 48
best running socks
Thirty48 does nothing but sports socks, including some of the best socks. They are a good example of what the brand is capable of doing.

These socks offer plenty of cushioning, geniuses when it comes to treating moisture and protecting against blisters. They have elastic arch support and filler for all the worst pressure points. Thirty48 Running Socks are available in many colors for the harmony of each runner. There are both for men and women.

best running socks

Compressport socks are a well-known brand. They offer comfortable and light socks ideal for your longest runs. They stand out because of their support, resistance, compression and help to delay “fatigue in the feet.

Darn Tough

best running socks

If you’ve heard of the benefits of tempering the merino wool, you may want to try the Darn Tough. They are made with merino wool and physiotherapeutic materials. These socks are very popular, with exceptional durability and attractive for different conditions.

Sturdy yet gentle, odor control, and airy, these socks are ideal for any type of career. Packaged with a lifetime warranty, they are clearly made by artisans who believe in their work. They are one of the toughest opponents among the best running socks.


best running socks

They are the best within the wide range that is on the market. Its durability, functionality and performance are exceptional. there are no better ones to run.

They have 3 small bands bored over the pinky area to provide elasticity and ventilation. Robur fiber compound to protect against blisters. Finally, the top top of the socks has a high capacity to fit all leg diameters without causing excess pressure.

If you are thinking, you are late to buy them, the best investment for your feet and your health.