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To maintain optimal health and fitness, both our vital functions and the aesthetic aspect, physical exercise is fundamental, an almost unanimous recommendation of doctors and specialists in nutrition and physical preparation around the world. For this reason we provide the information about the best cheap exercise bikes.

Among the different options of physical exercise at present, one of the ones that has gained more popularity is the use of the exercise bikes or the famous “spinning”, as this activity is best known.

Its great success lies in the possibility of obtaining the benefits of cycling, but in enclosed spaces, even in the very comfort of your home.For Fitness tips click here.

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We try to provide some cheap exercise bikes. Thus, you will have the possibility to burn large amounts of calories, optimize respiratory and circulatory functions, gradually increase your resistance, and exercise the middle part of your body, and especially your lower limbs.

However, being the offer of models of this equipment in the market so wide and diverse, it can be difficult to choose a model of good performance, and also at an affordable price for us. Therefore, we have prepared this article, in order to determine what is the best cheap static bicycle on the market, hoping it can be very useful in case you are doing a comparison.

What are the 3 best cheap exercise bikes?

In our quest for the best cheap exercise bikes on the market, we have reviewed the best-selling and best rated models by users, and have chosen three models that we consider to be among the strongest candidates for the best cheap static bike, we present below.

1. Cecotec Force Fixed

cheap exercise bikes

Static bike cheap cecotec force fixed

The first model on our list is the Cecotec Force Fixed, of the brand Cecotec, specialized in the manufacture of exercise machines, especially those of displacement like treadmills, static bicycles and escaladoras.

It is also the cheapest model on our list, an aspect that does not detract from its good quality and optimal performance in the task for which it was designed.

We can start by saying that it is a static bicycle designed especially for domestic use, compact in size and very simple to use. You can place it in the favorite space of your home, and use it while enjoying television, your favorite music or just outdoors. Despite its compact dimensions and light weight of just 14 kilograms, it is a fairly strong team, capable of supporting up to 120 kilograms of weight and demanding exercise routines. It is best in your cheap exercise bikes. 

It has one of its main attractions, a practical LCD screen where you can program the various functions and levels of exercise to your choice, as well as show you great interest in your performance, such as speed, calories burned, distance traveled, between other data. Below, we will dis-aggregate the most important features of this model, which will allow you to get a clearer idea of ​​its virtues and functionality.

Main Features

Functionality: According to the majority of reviews made by experts and buyers on the specialized websites, it is a very good performance bike, quite easy to use, specially designed for domestic use. It has an internal wheel of 1.5 kg that rotates with enough fluency, which allows you to gradually intensify your routine to achieve maximum benefits. One of its most important features is that it incorporates a handy LCD monitor on the handlebar, which allows programming the equipment easily, and also has various functions such as timer, burned calorie count, speed, and distance traveled, so you can stay at both of your progress as you exercise.

Design: The Cencotex Force Fixed has a simple, ergonomic and modern design. It is made of durable materials, with a casing painted in a combination of black and light green, which gives it a striking and sober appearance. Both the handlebars and the saddle have a padded coating to optimize comfort and allow a firm grip and protection against moisture and sweat. Also, both handlebars and saddle, are fully adjustable in height, which will allow you to adapt it to your particular height easily. It works with an inner wheel of 1.5 kilograms, that offers a rotation smooth and quite silent, in addition to a suitable level of resistance.

Dimensions: This model has quite compact dimensions that will allow you to store it in any corner of your home, and place it in your favorite space to perform your routines. It measures 63 x 45 x 23 cm, in addition to a weight of only 14 kilograms, so it is quite easy to load and move from one place to another.

One of its disadvantages, cited by several buyers, is that the maximum height of the saddle could be insufficient for tall people, so in that case it is recommended to purchase a seat extension, which can be purchased at sporting goods stores. In general, we talk about a fairly acceptable model, which although it can not be among the highest performance, has a very remarkable value for money, which for a really low cost, offers you an efficient and good equipment.

2. V-Fit Exercise

cheap exercise bikes

cheap exercise bikecheap exercise bikes v fit exercise

The next model on our list is the V-Fit Exercise, which belongs to the V-Fit brand, specialized in sports and physical measuring machines and implements, including rowing machines, static bicycles, weight bench, bed elastic, pedometers, among others.

Nevertheless, the V-Fit Exercise has become one of the star products of the brand, especially for its excellent value for money, offering a performance similar to many high-end models, much higher price, for a really affordable cost. It is a static bicycle designed especially for domestic use, although it is also useful in spinning rooms and gyms. It is made of a steel structure and epoxy resin coating, which gives it great resistance, even with very demanding routines.

It has quite compact dimensions, to place in the place that you prefer within your home. But the most striking in this model is the great ability to adjust, as it has a micro controller with voltage resistance, which you can adjust to the level of your capabilities, very senc

3. Ultrasport F-Bike
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Although this is the highest priced model on the list, it is still quite affordable compared to most models available on the market.

But the best thing about the Ultrasport F-Bike, is that it’s worth every euro invested in it. First of all, we can tell you that it is one of the models that enjoys a better valuation in most of the web pages of buying and selling, almost always positioned in the first places of sale and acceptance by the buyers.

Many praise the excellent quality and great performance of the equipment, with a variety of functions quite complete, which will allow you to maintain a well elaborated and efficient routine.