How to have a muscular and defined body

Supplements and certain hours to eat and sleep
Because it is so difficult to consume large amounts of protein daily, we recommend the use of supplements with shakes, vitamins and called “serum”, which bring high concentrations of protein to help the athlete in muscle building.
It is important that these (good) doses of protein are consumed after a high-intensity workout. That’s because, after exercising, the body functions like a sponge and reuses most of the nutrients ingested.
To get better results, you also need to feed yourself carefully throughout the day. In addition to the three complete meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), it is shown making snacks, especially with yogurt and cereals (complex carbohydrates) at intervals and not spending more than three hours without eating something.
Another important factor that must be taken into account is the feeding before heavy training. The body needs energy to pass, otherwise it will burn muscle protein.
Therefore it is good additional 15 to 45 minutes before the practice of exercises; and for those who perform exercises after lunch or dinner, it is interesting to include carbohydrates in the diet and to do a range of 1 to 2-0 before starting the training.
Another precaution that an athlete should have in search of muscle gain is in the beginning. The hours of sleep are essential to recover muscles and during that period of inactivity that muscle reconstruction, the micro injuries made during the practice, happens. So, as you can see, it is interesting to maintain a correct exercise routine, eat and rest.